How to start Jekyll

How to start Jekyll

2018, Feb 08    

Last few days, I was searching on google, and was linked to a blog page. It was build with jekyll. I have seen it couple of times. later I googled a bit more about it. and decided to give it a go :)

It looks maybe a bit overwhelming, but it actually is surprisingly easy.

Jekyll is build with ruby. so you need to have ruby, but don’t worry, you don’t need to know Ruby; I believe Mac OS have ruby installed. It is very easy to follow jekyll’s instructions.

But here I am just trying to share what i have experienced, you need to have version > 2.4. as you need to install gems jekyll and bundle.

Once you have finished the Jekyll’s quick-start, you should have a up and running blog. what you can do is commit all your changes and push to github. you will have a live blog for free.

For other non-github servers

like me, I want to serve my blog as /blog. what should i do?

as we can see, the _site folder contains all the static files we need. what you could do it just copy files & folders in _site to be served on your server.

also you could just Jekyll’s CLI command, suppose you in your blog’s directory. jekyll build --destination <destination> the destination in the <> is your path like mine ../mysite/blog.

PS: because I server my blog in a seperate folder under my site. you need to update your blog’s _config.yml. both *url and baseurl should be updated accordingly. otherwise you might not be able to have proper style and viewing blog.*

then it will pipe the ready made html files to your site’s folder.