You trust yourself too much

You trust yourself too much

2018, Feb 25    

Quite a long time ago, I spent $1 registered AWS. Today I tried to bring my old persnoal site project to live. Live Radio

Long story short, I spent couple of hours with no success, because I belive I have the public files being served, while actually I ignored them in my .gitignore :(

But It was a good chance to get to know Nginx,

This post looks pretty good and straight forward, But for some reason, I could not have my nginx.server file loaded.

About Nginx other greate features like caching files, load banlancer, this video explains really well.

what i found the video hasnt covered, and my take away is, nginx has its own static folder, which it usually point its default root(defined in the default file under nginx/sites-available/), what we could do is just update the root to your static folder’s path, for instance in my Virtual box, it is /home/ubuntu/radioNode/public.